Q: Where did the name Delangerous come from?

A: Danielle used her last name Delaney and added a dash of Danger to it, taking a cue from Tyra Banks & her cleverly named company, Bankable Productions.

The “Expect Delays” book title was also a play on her name Delaney.

Q: What is a Th.D.?

A: It is a research degree and doctorate in Theology exactly like a Ph.D.

Danielle is also a Doctor of Divinity, the study of the divine. She is an authority on Interfaith Theology. Incidentally, she is also an Ordained Minister and can perform marriage ceremonies.

Q: Did Dr. Delaney write the book “EXPECT DELAYS: How to Reclaim Your Light, Life, and Soul After Trauma?” If so, did she write it all herself?

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A: Yes. Danielle is the sole Author of that book. As she says, she “wrote it with her own two little brown hands, with the ensuing carpal tunnel pain to prove it.” She also did all of the photography herself, other than the cover and the photos attributed to Jon Abeyta. The book is published by The Raymond Aaron Group. It was NOT self published.

Q: Is Danielle also the owner of Danielle Delaney Counseling, Inc., (DDC, Inc.) a private Counseling Practice and Sober Companioning Corporation?

A: Yes. Danielle is the Founder and Owner of Danielle Delaney Counseling, Inc.,  as well as the CEO. She maintains her private Counseling practice in Hollywood, CA as well as conducting phone & Skype on schedule sessions.


Q: Is Danielle single?

A: Danielle keeps her personal life very personal. You will likely not get an answer on that one. Her answer is “they call it a PERSONAL life for a reason, it is not relevant.”

Q: Did she date the people it says she dated on Who’s Dated Who celebrity websites?

A: Same answer as above.

Q: Danielle looks and sounds VERY familiar to me! On what television shows have I seen her?

A: Danielle has been on Ripley’s Believe it or Not! as well as Fame: LA, HBO’s ‘Arliss:The Art of the Sports SuperAgent’ opposite Robert Wuhl, Sandra Oh and Shemar Moore; Melrose Place; and was in a few ads for Verizon and other beauty products, as well as on International catalog covers. There have been billboards of her face all over Los Angeles for her radio show from Hollywood/Sunset Strip to Beverly Hills to Malibu and the Valley.

Her voice may be familiar to you from her International radio show or from one of many voiceovers. Visit the voiceover page to hear some of them.

Q: How did Danielle get into the fields of counseling crime and rape survivors and Addiction and Recovery, and become a doctor?

A: Read her book. It all changed in 2005 and ExpectDelaysBook.com will tell you all about it, and how to order it. It is also available at Amazon.com.

Q: What race is Danielle? Is Danielle Black? What religion is she?

A: Yes, Danielle is Black, and is also a hybrid, as she calls it, of a few other races. Danielle says she is a member of The Human Race when asked that question and while she does have both Episcopalian and Jewish family roots, she says that she is spiritual rather than religious and her Doctorate in Theology is Interfaith.

Q: Where is Danielle from?

A: Dr. Danielle Delaney is a born and raised native Angeleno, which is a rarity. She was born and raised right in Los Angeles, California and grew up just a block north of Mulholland Drive. In her mostly White high school she was named Homecoming Princess, and she laughs that she was often referred to as the Fresh Princess of Bel Air, like the television show.

Q: Does Danielle still do any acting?

A: Danielle’s first love is Counseling Psychology and Theology and helping people through transitions and trauma, although she loved being an actor in the past. She prefers voice acting to the screen now, but if you twist her arm and it’s the right part, you just never know. Stranger things have certainly happened.

Q: How do I meet Danielle or have her appear at my bookstore for signings or for a public speaking engagement, or hire her to be the Voice or the face of my product or ad?

A: Please return to the Services page and the Contact page. Danielle’s social media links are also at the bottom of this page and at the bottom of every page of this website.

Please follow her and keep up with what she is doing! She loves to interact with her fan base, and is humble and grateful to all of you.